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Code of Conduct
We at MiM designed this site for true artisans and crafters to sell their work in a friendly environment. In order to keep our integrity in tact, you must abide by the following guidelines we’ve agreed on, as well as our Terms of Use, to operate within our website.


  1. You must have made the listed item or be directly affiliated with the item’s maker in order to sell on
    We’re not without understanding, if you’ve say… restored someone else’s art or have repaired something from being damaged etc. we consider that to be a skill, and just downright cool.
  2. Play nice! MiM is made to be a safe and friendly place to go, let’s keep it that way.
  3. You of course must be 18 years old to sell an item or services on MiM. If it’s kid’s work you’re posting, please get a parent’s or legal guardian’s permission.
  4. Don’t post graphic photographs of your work or otherwise. This means the hash pipe you made can’t be smoking when you took the picture, and the blanket you made can’t be arbitrarily wrapped around a naked woman, sorry.

There are exceptions, we are aware that some art will contain mature content. However, offensive material will not be acceptable, and we will decide what is clean or dirty. Please tag mature arts and crafts as mature, remember kids can use this site. Please report any offensive material. For further detail, please see Mature Content .


If your account is suspended at any time you will be notified by way of the email address you signed up with.

  1. Use caution when you select your account name and email to use, it can’t be changed and you can’t use the same email for more than one account.
  2. Always secure your password. You don’t want some weirdo messing with your stuff.
  3. If you are a seller and have not logged in for 6 months, your account will be deactivated, pending your request.
  4. Don’t use another account to harass other members, this will have bad repercussions on all of your accounts.
  5. Please do not sell items to yourself or buy items from yourself with a separate account, this is called shilling and offending accounts may be terminated.
  6. A Madeitmyself account is meant for one person and one person only. This is made to avoid confusion among your peers and our administration. Furthermore, you accept full responsibility for any and all activity that takes place through your account.

Buying Items

  1. Be encouraged to buy on our site or even window shop for AMAZING hand made products from all over the world.
  2. Make sure you know what you’re buying. Read the profile thoroughly to avoid buying something you don’t need.
  3. Always rate the seller after you’ve bought an item to promote quality assurance.
  4. Use your correct shipping and billing address to avoid mix ups.
  5. Talk to the seller if you have any unanswered questions before buying anything.
  6. Send payment for items to the seller, NOT Madeitmyself.
  7. Treat your seller with mutual respect.

In addition to the terms outlined above, know that each vendor may have individual policies regarding returns, shipping, and accepted payment methods which will be posted in the showcase and/or public profile. If payment for a purchase is not submitted within 48 business hours, the seller may cancel the transaction and re-list the item for sale. The seller also has the right and responsibility to leave negative feedback for a non-paying buyer. A buyer who fails to submit payment may have their account terminated.

Selling Items

  1. Please respect the fact that people of all ages and environments can view and refrain from posting any Mature Content. Violation of this rule can result in suspension or termination.
  2. Always give as many details as possible when describing your product, buyers want to know what they’re getting.
  3. If you have a personal policy for selling your products, make sure you list and make it available to your customers so that there is no payment confusion.
  4. List your item under its appropriate category with appropriate tags.
  5. Act professionally when dealing with your customers, be as kind and as understanding as possible to avoid conflict.
  6. Notify us of all canceled transactions.
  7. Never list an item you don‘t intend to sell.
  8. Don’t post items that are already sold, this is rather confusing.
  9. You’ll have an opportunity to leave feedback for your buyer after a transaction is complete, use it!
  10. Make sure you log into your account once in 6 months, if you are inactive your account will be put on hold pending your request.
  11. You must never post links or URLs anywhere on your Madeitmyself profile to wean customers away in attempt to avoid fees.
  12. Never use false descriptions, prices, or photos to promote your product.
  13. Don’t use photos or written text owned (copyrighted) by someone else without their direct permission.
Mature Content

Unacceptable Mature Content

Unacceptable Mature Content is defined as any items, photos, personal information, text, graphics, links, or videos containing:

  1. sexual activity or context
  2. profane language
  3. graphic violence
  4. drug paraphernalia is meant to be a safe and friendly environment. Therefore, in order to keep our integrity in tact, we may, at any time, remove any unacceptable mature content from your account. Furthermore, depending on the severity of the violation, your account may be suspended or terminated.

Acceptable Mature Content

We are aware that some fine art will contain nudity or violence, therefore, exceptions to the Mature Content rules are as followed:

  1. nudity, but in a completely non-sexual nature.
  2. “tobacco” pipes or bongs
  3. violence for the express purpose of making a statement. (e.g. war photos or paintings)
  4. coarse language in its correct context. (e.g. a photograph of an orphaned child titled “The Bastard”)

ALL ACCEPTABLE MATURE CONTENT MUST BE TAGGED AS MATURE. If you see something you don’t like please report the material and we will investigate.

This is a gray area and we ask that you use your best judgment in this matter, however, we are the ones that ultimately decide what flies and what gets shot down.


Conversing covers any form of communicating with a peer or administrator of

  1. No Spam!
  2. We stand by the golden rule. Treat others as you wish to be treated.
  3. Do not over commit to getting a lower price on the listed item through our negotiations link. Some people will not want to haggle, respect their work.
  4. Conversing with other members may help build a mutually beneficial business relationship.
  5. Never harass or threaten anyone affiliated with and always report an offender.
  6. If someone tells you they don’t want to hear from you, don’t attempt to contact them.
  7. Never post private information like email, phone numbers, or addresses.
Failure to abide by our rules will result in temporary suspension, termination, and/or removal of chat privileges.


You will always be given the option to provide negative or positive feedback for every successful transaction made, however, this does not mean you can let loose. Keep in mind everyone has different points of view.

  1. Profanity or ominous negative feedback is strictly prohibited.
  2. Be clear in your feedback, explain the situation if you have left negative comments.
  3. Never give yourself ratings with another account.
  4. Always try to resolve any issues with the seller or buyer before posting feedback.
If you have received false negative or ominous feedback, please let us know so we can investigate the situation.

Our administration reserves the right to change our Code of Conduct at any time.