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Beautystitches Coaster Designs: Initials
By T0pd0g4evr Item # 125311
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I call this a coaster design because it's the size of a coaster. It's not necessarily an actual coaster...however, if you want me to turn it into a coaster of some sort, then I most certainly will be more than happy to fulfill your request. Speaking of which, if you want the patch itself in a different color or style, then feel free to ask. X) The initials are meant for my shop, BeautyStitches, and nothing else! Unless you want it to be something else...anyway, this coaster design could make for a great patch for a quilt or even a little shirt! Here are the variations that I have: -7 silver aida, blue floss -1 cream aida, blue floss -6 chamois aida, blue floss -1 oatmeal aida, blue floss -5 white aida, blue floss -1 white aida, orange and purple floss separately I accept any requests for a different combination! X) Warning: edges may be loose when this design is received. If you order more than one and/or along with other items, then I'll reduce the shipping costs.

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aida, floss

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