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Beautystitches Coaster Designs: Stars
By T0pd0g4evr Item # 125313
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I call this a coaster design because it's the size of a coaster. It's not necessarily an actual coaster...however, if you want me to turn it into a coaster of some sort, then I most certainly will be more than happy to fulfill your request. Speaking of which, if you want the patch itself in a different color or style, then feel free to ask. X) This coaster design would make a great patch for quilts as well as an addition to your favorite stuffed animal! Here is a list of the variations available: -4 Chamois Aida, Neon Orange Cotton Crafting Floss -5 White Aida, Neon Orange Cotton Crafting Floss -2 Cream Aida, Neon Orange Cotton Crafting Floss Warning: edges may be loose when this design is received.

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aida, floss

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