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Gleaming Falls In Hidden Cave
By T0pd0g4evr Item # 125469
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This is my sixth design in the Imagery Series of the Imagine Project. A waterfall, hidden from the outside, is found, and it may hold more mysteries than what is initially seen... I followed the light down the tunnel and found a waterfall. The waterfall looked a deep blue, at least compared to the brightness of the wall. The wall to the left side was completely white from some sort of light shining elsewhere. That's when I looked up and to the top right of the waterfall noticed another opening to the cave. This time, though, I could see the sky. The sky was dark but was lit by the stars. And yet...I knew that something else was lighting the cave in this way. It couldn't have just been the stars. So, I decided to climb the cave wall and take a look at what else is out there.

Item Keywords:
BeautyStitches, patch, waterfall, blue, brown, white, gleaming, falls, hidden, cave

Materials Used:
aida, floss

6 inches x 6 inches x 0 inches
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