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Child Sz Headband Earmuff- Lt. Raspberry
By Orfygirl Item # 132901
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This is a child size version of my beautiful hand knit headband that doubles as a winter earmuff. This item comes in all of the same wonderful colors that the adult size comes in just a little smaller to fit a smaller head. It is very stretchy so it will fit most child sizes.  This one comes in a color called light raspberry.

Don't like the color? Well you are in luck! This item I can custom make in most colors, so if you don't see the color that you want here and would like me to custom make this item for you, feel free to contact me.

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Accessories Hats, Caps Earmuffs, Ear Warmers, Earmuffs, winter, cable knit, girls, warm, snow, seed stitch, light, soft, multi colored, raspberry, pink

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