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Tablet Cover
By Adornsnuts Item # 136317
Condition of item: New
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Too much polka dots tablet cover comfortable, practical, protective, and easy to use your device. Polka dots can be reduced. LOL. No need to remove the cover for power cord and earplug.. Size: Galaxy Android 7.5 x 4/4. What's your size?

Item Keywords:
polka dot, cell phone, ipad cover, tab let cover, sewed, sewing, cell phone cover, green, brown, pink, blue, yellow, ipad holder, ipada case, table let case

Materials Used:
cotton and elastic

Shipping Cost : $3.50
Shipping Method: Priority Mail
Will Ship From: Tustin, California, Us
Will Ship Within: 3-5 Business Days
Get to Know: Adornsnuts Member Since: 03/27/2016
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