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Breastfeeding Reminder
By Adornsnuts Item # 136406
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Breastfeeding now, or you know somebody? Perfect baby shower gift, or just because. This maternity item is cute, simple, comfortable and useful. It's sewed bookmark and also in ribbon. Say goodbye to safety pin, hair pin, paper clip, burp cloth, etc. You put on the bra to remind you which side next baby feeding. Example: When finish the right side, place the bookmark on the left side of the bra, so that next feeding, it will be the left one. There are 2 kind of side bookmark: one you put on the strap of bra, the another one you put between the cup of the bra, also you can use for books, notebook, etc. Check my other bookmark items. Price: It will vary from $3 to $5, it will depend which material is used. Size: Wider or Narrower. What's your preference? Get both.

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