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Bcd: Flowers Mini Blank Book
By T0pd0g4evr Item # 138610
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Here is a small book that you can write and draw in. The variations so far are as follows: -320 pages, black floss on white aida -560 pages, neon orange floss on white aida -320 pages, black and yellow floss on silver aida -280 pages, black and yellow floss on chamois aida -680 pages, purple floss on white aida If you have a preferred color variation, book size, and/or number of pages that you would like me to create especially for you or in general, then please let me know! I'll be more than happy to make that for you!

Item Keywords:
blank, book, write, draw, flip, flip book, animation

Materials Used:
printing paper, floss, aida, old jammies, cardboard

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