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First Christmas Scribblebelly Owl
By Scribblebelly2013 Item # 138806
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A ScribbleBelly is a special keepsake for babies and toddlers. It is a write-able stuffed animal to keep messages and autographs as memories.

This is a great gift for Christmas time. Order one to bring to a family holiday party and have family and friends sign it for a baby's First Christmas. Family members could sign or draw something special to give to the newest member of the family. Siblings could feel more connected to the new baby by drawing or writing on the ScribbleBelly and giving it to baby. You can be creative to make this something special.

A ScribbleBelly is 7"x 6" in dimension. You will be given a Sharpie permanent marker with your order. They can be washed in the washer and the messages won't come off. The owl's back is knitted using a boa yarn. This make it very soft and enjoyable for any young child. Messages can to be written on the front below the owl's face.

Item Keywords:
owl, Christmas, Christmas keepsake, keepsake, write-able, stuffed animal,

Materials Used:
boa yard, felt, cotton stuffing, fabric

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