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French Jasmine Lilac Soap
By Handmadesoap Item # 139102
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From Provence France, our jasmine , lilac soap is made according to hundred year old tradition.

Jasmine is a component of most of the world's fine perfumes for a good reason. With jasmine blossoms, jasmine essential oil and lilac essential oil, this soap is sensuous and fabulous.

Jasmine has been nicknamed 'Queen of the Night' and 'Moonlight of the Grove'; for centuries, women have treasured it for its seductive, beautiful fragrance.

Jasmine oil is uplifting and stimulating for times of hopelessness and nervous exhaustion. Made with rich
Shea butter , pure olive and palm oils, crushed flowers and the finest fragrances from the French countryside. 

*Jasmine oil may be beneficial for dry, greasy, or oily skin. It may help with eczema when caused by stress.
Jasmine Lilac Scent

French Jasmine Soap
Lavender Jasmine Soap
Jasmine Lilac Soap
Jasmine Grandiflorum
Jasmine Lilac Gifts

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Materials Used:
Olive , organic coconut, palm kernel oils, vegetable oils, shea butter, french jasmine essential oil, lilac essential oil, crushed lilac and rose flowers

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