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Banner In Canvas
By Adornsnuts Item # 139313
Condition of item: New
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Another banner. This is bigger size and polka dots around the banner Can be hung on a stick or on garden flag poll. Can be put hung on your door or window or nexr to your door in your garden. Choose your stlyle such ahow Home Sweet Home No Solicitation Bugg Off Closed Open Other quotes and the list goes on Or your quote Check my other banners.

Item Keywords:
Canvas, cotton, sewed, banner, home decor, decor, garden, dog, quote, funny saying, sewing

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Shipping Cost : $5.00
Shipping Method: Priorit Mail
Will Ship From: Tustin, California, Us
Will Ship Within: 3-5 Business Days
Get to Know: Adornsnuts Member Since: 03/27/2016
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