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Blue Ceramic Bracelet
By Inescossta Item # 141248
Condition of item: New
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This is one of a kind unisex ceramic bracelet for people with style. The ceramic accessory is designed with a gentle and unique feel. The bracelet is bright and elegant. You can wear it on special occasions or every day to add something original and special to your outfit.

Item Keywords:
Hipster Jewelry, Boho Bracelet, Donut Shape Minimalist Jewelry, Circle Clay Bracelet, Clay Art, Unisex Jewelry

Materials Used:
white clay,copper, cobalt and iron

Shipping Cost : $1.00
Shipping Method: Correos
Will Ship From: Porto, Portugal, Portugal
Will Ship Within: 3-5 Business Days
Get to Know: Inescossta Member Since: 03/11/2017
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