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Upcycled Grey Goose Glass Tumbler
By Rdiglass Item # 141279
Condition of item: New
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There’s an upcycled glass for everyone! Whether you are searching for trendy kitchen décor, a unique gift, or impressing dinner guests, Rdi has the answer! We proudly present our lineup of repurposed and upcycled glassware. Listing is for one (1) glass, made from a 375mil bottle ***Glass specifics at bottom of page*** The recognizable artwork and eye catching embossing inspires conversation, brings forth pleasant recollections and creates connections to memories long forgotten. We love beauty, so it makes us happy to give the artwork on discarded bottles new life. *Upcycled glassware is perfect for: Parties------------Events-------------------- Banquets------------------Holiday Parties Grill Outs--------Get Togethers----------Catering-------------------Cocktail Parties Man Caves------Kitchens------------------Themed Events----------Holiday Gifts Dinners-----------Bars/ Restuarants------Bridal Showers-----------Birthdays Weddings--------Collections--------------Father's Day---------------Meetings And so much more!! *Rdi's proprietary 6 step process produces a smooth, level edge. The specifications we use were developed by testing the glasses at local bars and restaurants. Through this direct interaction, we have determined the perfect height to maintain aesthetic appeal without compromising functionality. Individual inspections ensure that the only imperfections are those inherent to the original bottle. *Recycling, Upcycling and Repurposing is just what we do. Many of the hand tools used in our shop were designed and crafted by us, by hand, using recycled and repurposed materials. All our products are Proudly Made in the USA *Disclaimer: All glasses are made by Rdi, by upcycling and repurposing used, discarded bottles. Rdi is in no way affiliated nor endorsed in any way with the manufacturers whose trademarks may be seen on the final products. Glass Specifications Glass: Grey Goose Original capacity: 375mil Quantity: 1 Height: 6 1/8" Width: 2 3/8" Weight: 10oz Capacity: 12oz Color: Frosted Thickness: Medium Dishwasher safe? Yes

Item Keywords:
Ciroc vodka, Grey Goose Glass, Jameson Whiskey, Upcycle Bottle,Cut Glass Tumbler, Rye Whiskey, Vodka Gift, Best Man Gift, Recycled & repurposed,

Materials Used:
Recycled Bottle

Shipping Cost : $10.00
Shipping Method: Usps Priority mail
Will Ship From: Cedar Falls, Iowa, Us
Will Ship Within: 3-5 Business Days
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