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Klon Centour Bluesbreaker Guitar Pedal
By Kcli3663 Item # 141306
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For sale is a customized bluesbreaker stacked with klon centaur pedal

klonis a spectacular pedal for stacking. Its neutral nature just gives you more from your amplifier, and it also allows the centaur to pair nicely with other, more tone-coloring pedals. One of the pedals it is known to play very nicely with is the original bluesbreaker, which was marshall's attempt at cramming the distinctive tone of their amplifiers into a stompbox. By all accounts, this attempt was very successful, and the blues breaker remains a classic amp-in-a-box overdrive pedal. Running a blues breaker into a klon is a fairly well-known tone recipe these days, with John Mayer being perhaps the most famous proponent of this setup. The combo works really well in a wide variety of rigs, and the blend of tones results in a delicious stew that is equal parts sweet, thick, richly detailed, and dynamically crunchy.

This is one of the best complementary paired pedals. It is probably the one you just need to get the tone you ever need for your master play.

With user feedback, the Bluebreaker pedal is pretuned so as to reduce number of control knobs components and noise. The idea is to optimize the combined effect sound without added component noise.

One control knobs for the pre-tuned bluesbreaker and three control knobs for the klone. A true bypass switch and a power socket. Use a standard pedal 9V DC adapter (not included).

Retail cost for this setup is well over a thousand dollars.

Will ship worldwide airmail so that you will get it fast.

Item Keywords:
klon centaur, bluesbreaker, effect pedal

Materials Used:
steel sheet, wood

4 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 1 3/4"
Shipping Cost : $18.00
Shipping Method: postal
Will Ship From: Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Will Ship Within: 24 hours
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