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Ninja Fidget Spinner Red/black
By Fidgetstormusa Item # 145756
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Hi all! My team and I make and sell high quality 3D printed hand fidget spinners in unique designs. I am part of a professional team, and we have a professional designer who designs them so the designs are 100% unique, and I can guarantee you that they will stand out and impress. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you or your loved one has ADHD anxiety, this 360 Hand Spinner will help. It's also an incredibly cool pass-time accessory, and a lovely play toy for your kids as well. You'll find the Anti-Anxiety 360 spinner easy to use. There's no more getting bored when waiting for someone, or chilling out for something to happen. Our 360 Spinner also provokes deeper thoughts and thus facilitates increased focus. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Simply hold this spinner in one hand then use your other hand to spin it rapidly using small continuous strikes to keep it spinning indefinitely. It'll take a little bit of practice to get some decent action going, but it's super easy to happen plus you'll be thrilled by the fast, length spins. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * PERFECT SIZE: Our Fidget Spinner is the perfect size for both Adults & Kids and suitable for all ages! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * SUPER SPEED BALL: Our Fidget Hand Spinner is designed to ensure the smoothest rotation and consistency! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * PERFECT FOR: Teens, Adults, Kids, Anyone who fidgets, enjoys fidgeting, has Anxiety, ADD & ADHD, Autism, Quitting Bad Habits, Staying Awake, Staying Focused, Studying, Relaxing! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * CONQUER ANXIETY - Never let life's stress, anxiety or distressing thoughts run you down. Enjoy a much easier time when waiting in the line to see a doctor, or when waiting out in any other anxiety-eliciting location. This is a great anxiety-fighting accessory for fidgeters. Keep your calm regardless your circumstance or immediate environment ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * BRING OUT YOUR GENIUS - bring out that creative genius lying deep within you by increasing your concentration any time on the go, whether you're at home, at school, or at the workplace. The 360 Spinner helps you find new perspectives as you put your brain to use, whether studying, brainstorming, researching, etc ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * EASY TO CARRY: Our Fidget Spinners are small enough to easily and discretely carry in your pockets and easy to take out to play with or show off Anywhere, Anytime! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * YOUR POCKET BUDDY - feels smooth and comforting right in your pocket; build your concentration, put stress and anxiety at bay, or just enjoy some fun play time by unleashing your helpful pocket buddy!Eliminate stress and enjoy the occasional pass-time spin fun. Anything else and we'll process a full money-back refund for you. Your satisfaction is our priority, no questions asked! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SEE THEM IN ACTION ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please see the videos below to see them in action! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Black and Red - Ninja Design Printed Black with Red Steel Bearings: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Black and Blue - Ninja Design Printed Black with Blue Steel Bearings: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Silver and Blue - Celtic / Norse / Viking Cross Design Printed Silver with Blue Steel Bearings:

Item Keywords:
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Materials Used:
Non-toxic Plastic, Steel,

3" x 3" x 0.25"
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Viking Cross Fidget Spinner Silver/blue
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