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Bushy Combs Herbsan Oil
By Bushycombs Item # 145762
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Thank you for trying our product. We hope that you enjoy and reap all of the benefits of this wonderful oil. It is infused with some of the most powerful herbs known for the repair, growth, and health of hair. Our oil is created with the best oils for hair as well as infused with herbs such as Horsetail (stimulates faster growth), Rose Hips (renews damaged follicles to promote healthy growth), Bhringraj (promotes re-growth), and Nettle Leaf (Combats Hair Loss). These herbs, along with our natural oil blend will transform your hair. 4 oz bottle (one month supply)

Item Keywords:
hair, hair growth, hair regrowth, hair care, hair loss, beauty

Materials Used:
natural oils, herbs, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, rosehips

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