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Banana Bread(s) **flavor Options
By Dessertnetcafe Item # 145937
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Banana Breads with Flavor Options! A traditional favorite that speaks for itself. When you order our banana breads you know they are loaded with ripe bananas. Baked high and firm for the ideal snack, gift for a neighbor, or to take to the office. Order Banana Breads online is easy too. Choose from a variety of Banana Bread options: Traditional Banana Bread Traditional Banana NUT Bread Blueberry Banana Bread Banana Lime Bread Chocolate Banana Bread Cranberry Banana Bread Raspberry Banana Bread

Item Keywords:
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Materials Used:
INGREDIENTS: Flour, Sugar, Eggs, Butter, vanilla extra, banana, buttermilk, baking powder, baking soda, salt";"SERVINGS:=Standard 2 lb Loaf: 7-9 servings";"STORAGE=Refrigerate: Up to 5 days will maintain its freshness; Can slice and freeze up to 30 days.";"NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION:=Coming soon!"

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