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Pink Champagne Liqueur Cake Balls
By Dessertnetcafe Item # 146131
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Pink Champagne cake with a marshmallow coconut center, dipped in custom tinted Chocolates. Show-stopping Cake Balls! You'll want to keep the Champagne flowing as you enjoy this one. Pink, delicate, festive and very impressive.Just like the layered cake, this "little lady" contains: Champagne White Wine Marshmallows Coconut Elegant and impressive. Perfect for any occasion. Try them as edible center pieces on party tables and dessert buffets. Absolutely Addicting!

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Materials Used:
INGREDIENTS: QUANTITY=12;"STORAGE=SHIPS WELL EVEN IN SUMMER WEATHER. While our special chocolate blend does not completely melt in warm weather, it does soften. Refrigerate immediately upon arrival."

Shipping Cost : $8.95
Shipping Method: 2-day Priority
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Will Ship Within: 24 hours
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