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Herbie's Chill Dog Bar - Goat Milk
By Herbieandcompany Item # 146777
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Now you can offer a relaxing, feel good bath to your dog with Herbie's massage Shampoo bars. Chill Dog is great for dogs who are not fans of bath time. *** All Herbie products are made to order. We do not keep inventory. Meaning when you place your order and we receive it, at that time we begin the process of hand mixing and pouring your products individually. We never pour from batches to ensure proper ingredient amounts and freshness. This process may take up to 5 days to complete, but the wait is worth it!! 4-ounce bar

Item Keywords:
handmade, made to order,organic,herbs,pure essential oils,goat milk,dog,baths,shampoo,relaxing,soothing,sensitive, mature and young skin

Materials Used:
Herbie's Chill Dog Massage bar begins with a goat milk base to which is added colloidal oatmeal, lavender powder, cucumber, lavender, and geranium essential oils

Shipping Cost : $3.50
Shipping Method: Priority Mail
Will Ship From: North Carolina, Us
Will Ship Within: 3-5 Business Days
Get to Know: Herbieandcompany Member Since: 07/24/2016
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