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Accordion Wallet
By Adornsnuts Item # 146998
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Accordion Wallet plus optional Dave Ramsey cash envelope system with clear window holder to place your custom removable label. Very spacious very useful wallet. Most of accordion wallet has only one zipper pocket and not credit cards and documents pockets. This has 2 zipper pockets and much more. A lot room for your cell phone, tablet, etc I make removable or Dave Ramsey cash envelope(s) to add to this accordion wallet, or permanent Cash Envelope set system. Ideally should have one master set at home, and the another one to carry with you, why? because I would not carry the whole thing when you go out, you can lose all your cash paycheck. You just grab what you need from the master cash envelope set and place in your accordion wallet, or in another permanent Cash Envelope set. See photo example: Category Gas, Etsy indulgencies, Food, etc The color on the photo is black, white polka dot, dark grey and between theses shades. I prefer black, grey or similar dark shades for wallet, but let me know if you want lighter color. Features: 2 internal zipper pockets, 6 credits cards or more. Documents, etc open pocket 3 open sections between the zipper pockets This wallet is more wonderful if it's full with money, credit cards, etc. It does not look good empty. Other features can be added: buttons, big grommet eyelet, hand strap, arm strap etc. These additional features are great for people that has disability. Check my other wallet acordeon to see the grommet eyelet. Check my other wallet accordion and the other items too.

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