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Wind Chime Sun Catcher
By Windytreasures Item # 147194
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Wind Chime Sun Catcher Stained Glass Wine Bottle Top sounds wonderful in the breeze. Stained glass and glass beads stunningly reflect the sun and sound beautiful, they’re fun and mesmerizing. Each original, whimsical chime is handmade and one of a kind. Wine bottle top stained glass chimes will delight your heart and your senses. If you are looking for a wind chime that is different than most and not like anything else, you will love this chime. Wind chimes are said to attract prosperity, good fortune, stimulate energy, and are considered to be calming. When wind chimes are placed outside, they may promote a thriving garden and cheerful atmosphere. • Wine bottle top. • Multi colored stained glass and glass beads. • Stained glass pieces are uniquely shaped. • 7 strands of stained glass and beads. • Over 26 pieces of stained glass. • Approx. 33 inches from top of bottle to bottom of stained glass/bead strand. • Approx. 53 inches from hanger to bottom of stained glass/bead strand. My studio is on a barrier island off the west coast of Florida which can be very breezy; therefore I have designed them to hold up to beach breezes and salty air using stainless steel wire and copper connectors. All of the beautiful wine bottle and driftwood chimes are hand crafted in my Windy Treasures art studio on Indian Rocks Beach, Florida. Each chime is made to order and no two are the same, the chime you received will be as beautiful as pictured but not exactly alike. They are much more beautiful hanging outdoors than pictured here. Enjoy yours today! Driftwood Wind Chime Sun Catchers: Since Florida driftwood is shaped by nature and each piece is very unusual, if you are interest in a driftwood chime, please send me a message and I will post a picture of the driftwood so you can see the shape of the wood and the look of the chime. Driftwood Wind Chime Sun Catchers are approximately 24 inches from top of driftwood to bottom of stained glass/bead strand. Natural Driftwood is approximately 12 inches across. Designs are an original, sounds are mesmerizing, sounds wonderful in the breeze, stunningly reflects the sun, may promote a thriving garden, creates a cheerful atmosphere, sounds are calming and relaxing, Designed for beachy breezes and salty air. Each up-cycled Wine Bottle or Florida Driftwood chime is hand made to order. #WindChime #SunCatcher #StainedGlass #Wind #Chime #sounds #garden #art #outdoor #glassbeads #gift #wind #breeze #sun #reflecting #WineBottle #yard art #wine lover #rustic #deco art

Item Keywords:
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Materials Used:
Wine bottle top,multi colored stained glass,glass beads,stained glass pieces uniquely shaped

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