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Butterfly Flutter 2017 Oil On Canvas
By Rennerladifference Item # 147393
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Titled "Butterfly Flutter", original oil on stretched canvas by Joann Renner, 8" x 8" to be hung like a diamond shape. Unframed, really doesn't need one because I finished the edges. Gallery wrapped (no staples on the sides) and has a sawtooth hanger. It is a fun image of the fluttering of a group of butterflies. I started this based on the migrating groups of monarchs in Mexico, but the details of their wing markings seemed too tedious and cumbersome. So I decided to make them a fantasy version. The color contrast of the orange wings and blue background really pops! Perfect for any home especially small spaces, office décor or as a gift! copyright 2017 Joann M. Renner If you wish to purchase multiple items, please contact me so I can calculate a more accurate shipping quote for your zip code :)

Item Keywords:
monarch butterfly, butterflies, oil on canvas, small space decor, orange, blue, Joann Renner, rennerladifference, office gift, housewarming gift, office decor, family friendly, bright cheerful

Materials Used:
stretched canvas, oil paints

8" x 8" x 0.75"
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