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Handmade Patchwork Bag, Very Big, Red
By Sewnwithsoul Item # 147496
Condition of item: New
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This handmade fabric handbag was made of a felt-like fabric, red, with colorful patchwork squares, crocheted and sewn on at front. They will not fall apart and make a lot of eyes follow you on the street! It makes a perfect handmade beach bag - zipped, with two zipped pockets inside, one of them is big, the other one small. You can put a lot of stuff there, in pockets your mobile, keys, make-up and hygienic items, which is always good to know, where they are. It is also suitable for a mum – you can put there a big number of nappies. Also the bag is very unique, it will also go well in your office, on shopping or a small trip. It has a red cotton lining and red straps sewn on. The bag has been sewn on the machine and the squares hand crocheted, then sewn on. This is the only one copy. DIMENSIONS: bottom size: 50 X 12 cm height without straps: 38 cm height with straps: 62 cm Fashionable and practical – surely you will be happy about it! Thank you for looking.

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Materials Used:
felt, recycled yarn

12 x 50 x 38
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Brazil: $29.00
Chile: $29.00
Hong Kong: $29.00
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Haiti: $29.00
Japan: $29.00
South Korea: $29.00
Oman: $29.00
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Peru: $29.00
Singapore: $29.00
United Arab Emirates: $29.00
Australia: $36.00
New Zealand: $36.00
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