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Dogwood Sticks For Natural Decor
By Rennerladifference Item # 147504
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Seasoned red dogwood twigs/sticks about 1/8" thick, sizes about 3"-4" long. Some are fairly straight, some aren't, and have the bark. Grown without pesticides or herbicides in my garden. There are various imperfections. They are lightweight. They have not been heat dried, treated for pests, or chemically treated. There is enough to fill an 8" pie plate. It is a good size for assemblage art, crafts, natural decor, and floral arrangements . It is a natural item, and may have imperfections. Larger quantities are available, just ask! *If you wish to purchase multiple items, please contact me so I can calculate a more accurate shipping quote for your zip code :)

Item Keywords:
red dogwood, natural decor, floral arranging, twigs, sticks, floral filler, rennerladifference, wiccan pagan

Materials Used:
red dogwood twigs

1/8" x 1/8" x 3"
Shipping Cost : $4.25
Shipping Method: USPS first class mail
Will Ship From: Southwestern Pa, Pa, Us
Will Ship Within: 1-2 Business Days
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