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Tribal Moon Wolf Mirror Etching
By Cooltrc Item # 147562
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Tribal Moon Wolf Mirror Glass Etching Etched by hand! 5X5 inch square glass mirror coaster. 4 1/4 inch center square where design is at and the glass is finished with a 1/4 inch bevel all around. The glass is Richland Square Mirror. These make the design stick out and look really nice you have to see it in person. Sorry for the not so great pictures it's hard to do, due to the reflections of the mirror. Thanks!

Item Keywords:
Wolf, Moon, Mirror, Tribal, Glass, Etching

Materials Used:
Mirror, Etch Cream, Vinyl

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Will Ship From: Fredericksburg, Texas, Us
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Get to Know: Cooltrc Member Since: 07/15/2017
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