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Checkerboard Beaded Silver Cross Necklac
By Giftsofhope Item # 147577
Condition of item: New
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This is a red, black, and white hand-beaded silver cross necklace.  The necklace has all beads strung on a red floss cord.  USA.Exclusive.

Item Keywords:
necklace, hand beaded, handmade, jewelry, dangle cross, charm necklace, pendant necklace, cross pendant, cross necklace, Christian necklace, faith jewelry, faith necklace, bead jewelry, bead necklace, inspirational

Materials Used:
beads, silver, embroidery floss

Shipping Cost : $5.00
Shipping Method: USPS
Will Ship From: New Jersey, Us
Will Ship Within: 1-2 Weeks
Get to Know: Giftsofhope Member Since: 07/16/2017
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