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Lively Hart Land Cartoon Coloring Book
By Giftsofhope Item # 147588
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This Coloring Book brings the main story book characters in the "Emotional Wellbeing Series" to life. The cartoons can be colored in using crayon, marker or watercolor. There are also special bonus activity pages. Health professionals Lynn Marie Knapke, M.A. & Denise Marie Mari, Ph.D. have written this Coloring Book to supplement their children’s teaching book WISDOM ON THE LIFE OF EMOTIONS. Both books are learning tools for improving kids’ emotional wellbeing.

Item Keywords:
kids, children, emotion, wellbeing, heart, love, life, education, teaching, school, health, parent, Montessori, Christian, Denise Mari, coloring, activity, cartoon, crayon, art

Materials Used:
paper, plastic

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