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Wisdom On The Life Of Emotions
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There is a great deal of confusion today about what a normal human emotional life is like and how it operates. Often parents, teachers, and families admit they can sometimes be at a loss to explain the nature of different emotions to their kids or students. They want to do their best to contribute to the healthy unfolding and balancing of emotions in the growing children they care for. Health professionals Dr. Denise Marie Mari and Lynn Marie Knapke, M.A. have written "Wisdom On the Life of Emotions" as the first of a series of Christian teaching books to improve child emotional health. The aim of this Emotional Wellbeing Series is to provide child development guidance in service of a stronger life of the human heart for loving self, others, and God with excellence.

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kids, children, emotion, wellbeing, heart, love, life, education, teaching, school, health, parent, homeschooling, Christian, Denise Mari, anxiety, depression, spoil, behavior, art

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