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"olivia Macallister, Who Are You?"
By Celinerm29 Item # 147882
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“Olivia MacAllister, Who Are You?” Celine Rose Mariotti is proud to announce that Dreaming Big Publications of Mississippi is republishing her mystery book “Olivia MacAllister, Who Are You?” “Olivia” now has new illustrations and a new cover done by Bob Veon. “Olivia MacAllister, Who Are You?” is a ghost mystery set in Maine. The main characters are Bobby, Noel, Uncle Eb and Mrs. Hollister. Bobby and Noel set out to find all they can about the ghost of Olivia MacAllister, who appears to them several times throughout the story. They do their own detective work to uncover the story of “Olivia”. The story has a very interesting ending. A real page turner. It is for children ages 8 and up.

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ghost mystery children's book

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