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A Present For My Grandpa
By Pootergifts Item # 147941
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A gift from a child to their Grandpa that tells the magical story of the journey they took while getting him a present. It is written from the child’s point of view and each scenario tells of the gift they might have got them but thought better. In the end they decide to get Grandpa a pair of gorgeous socks that are bound to keep every Grandpa happy. Grandpa and the child get to read together and it’s a gift that keeps on giving. made from: It is a 12 page board book. Each page is made from heavy recycled cardboard and is beautifully illustrated. The socks are made from 80% cotton, 15% polyester and 5% spandex. Wash at a low temperature, up to 40 degrees. Avoid tumble dryer. Do not iron. dimensions: It's 19cm high x 19cm wide, the depth is 3.5cm. When opened it measures 19cm high x 38cm wide. It is a substantial size to hold. The sock size is 7-11 UK men's.

Item Keywords:
Grandpa, Grandad, Granddad, Pops, gifts for him, socks, gift book, lovely gift, present, best friend.

Materials Used:
An adult pair of socks within a 12 page hard back book.

19cm x 19cm x 3.5cm
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