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Green Designer Handbag With Embroidery
By Sewnwithsoul Item # 147976
Condition of item: New
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The new handmade bag, sewn of a green felt-like fabric decorated with lots of hand embroided, colorful flowers. It is not huge, but quite big – you can pack there all you need in the office, at school or a trip. This handmade bags for girls and ladies will brighten your every day! The handmade fabric handbag is zipped and has two zipped pockets inside, one of them big, the other one smaller. In the pockets you can keep your keys or mobile, make-up and hygienic stuff – or whatever you choose, to have sorted at your fingers at any time! The unique ladies handbag is lined with satin cotton fabric, very robust, but also nice in feel. It has two straps for carrying in hand and on shoulder. The bag with the straps together make a shape of an arrow pointing down – some kind of novelty bag so fashionable nowadays! The bag has been sewn on the machine and flowers embroided directly on the fabric used. This is the only one copy. DIMENSIONS: Width: 47 cm – all triangle sides are the same Depth: 10 cm Strap’s height: 36 cm Fashionable and practical – surely you will be happy about it! Thank you for looking.

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Materials Used:
felt, recycled yarn

10 x 47 x 47
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