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"the Turtle" Purple Turtle Floor Mop
By Melross0811 Item # 147982
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This is "The Turtle" Place the turtle on the kitchen floor Please don't kick him out the door He is there to help you with the task of mopping up that spill This is hand made, make them myself, while singing in front of my sewing machine, well that's why I sing while I sew not many people will hear me then :-) yes my singing is not the best. Anyways, back to the turtle. Made from cotton fabric with toweling at the base, some buttons for eyes. He/She what ever you want your turtle to be will come with a cute saying so if you wanted to give him/her as a gift they will know what to do with him. He/she measures: 16" from head to tail and 9 1/2" from side to side. Please note that my listing includes shipping. Thanks for looking, let me get onto my next crafty project at hand.

Item Keywords:
mop, floor, kitchen, turtle, purple, cotton, mopping, bathroom

Materials Used:
Cotton, toweling, buttons.

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