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Wovenstock Unisex Sweater 6-12 M
By Wovenstock57 Item # 179014
Condition of item: New
Available In Stock: 100 Special Price: $25.00
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This product is made from wool and finished in a attractive pink color. It features long sleeve, button front, buttoned closure and is targeted towards both baby boys and baby girls. Furthermore, it is recommended to be kept away from extreme heat, fire and corrosive liquids to avoid any form of damage.

Item Keywords:
Baby Sweater , Sweater , Woolen Sweater , Baby Woolen Sweater

Materials Used:
Wool , Yarn

Shipping Cost : $5.00
Shipping Method: Priority Mail
Will Ship From: Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India
Will Ship Within: 24 hours
Get to Know: Wovenstock57 Member Since: 09/20/2017
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