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Beer Charm
By Thevampirelady Item # 199273
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Imagine how good a nice cool beer feels on a hot day. Time for you to show how much you love ale with this necklace. Never be without a bit of a pint again! Did you know that ale (beer) was used as medicine for hundreds of years? It achieved the ultimate goal which was not to kill the germs, but to cure what ailed them. These are made from polymer clay and set in wish bottles. While the wish bottles are made of glass, they are actually quite resilient and can handle being worn and traveled with. They are made to order, so the cord may be a different color than shown. Disclaimer: This jewelry is for decoration only. They are not edible.

Item Keywords:
beer, clay, wish, bottle. charm

Materials Used:
polymer clay, glass wish bottle

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Will Ship From: Collingswood, New Jersey, Us
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Get to Know: Thevampirelady Member Since: 10/15/2017
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