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Vapours Charm
By Thevampirelady Item # 199279
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Everyone around you will faint when they see your glittered vapours. The neutral gray will match whatever you’re wearing and really pops when put on a rich colored background. Wear with matching earrings and really create a stir at the next Steampunk gathering. During the 19th century, women’s corsets became so tight that women had trouble breathing. Gasping for air and the inability to eat or drink much caused them to blame the vapours for their weakness and propensity to past out. Some medical historians suggest that ‘the vapors’ could have been something else entirely! Perhaps it was asthma, anxiety attacks, or even chronic fatigue. Seen here in gray – our vapors won’t hurt you – or cause you to pass out. But, they will glimmer against your outfit and show that you have captured the essence of the Victorian era.

Item Keywords:
18th century, 19th century, Victorian, death, head, tombstone, grave, decoration, glitter, charm, 1700s, 1800s

Materials Used:
polymer clay, wish bottle glitter, eye screw

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