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Vampire Blood Charm
By Thevampirelady Item # 199287
Condition of item: New
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These fun and sleek additions will get anyone’s blood pumping. Careful not to party too hard- you could pop a vessel. But don’t worry that’s what the vial is for! Fangs glow in the black-light. Vampire enthusiasts unite! It’s time to finally come together have your very own charm that lets you slip among the mundanes, while still being able to identify each other. Blood drops and glow in the dark fangs. Disclaimer: This jewelry is for decoration only. They are not edible, nor are they live viruses/bacteria.

Item Keywords:
vampire, vampirism, glow in the dark, fangs, charm, wish bottle

Materials Used:
polymer clay, wish bottle, eye screw, glow in the dark powder

Shipping Cost : $2.00
Shipping Method: First Class Mail
Will Ship From: Collingswood, New Jersey, Us
Will Ship Within: 3-5 Business Days
Combined Shipping Cost Discount: 5%
Get to Know: Thevampirelady Member Since: 10/15/2017
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