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Crochet Blanket - 5' X 6' - Patchwork St
By Madebysusie4u Item # 209308
Condition of item: New
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Crochet blanket done in a Patchwork style. The blanket shown is done in gray, yellow and white, but can be done in your color choices with no additional fee. The blanket is done in a pretty tight stitch, so is very warm and comfy.

Item Keywords:
Crochet Blanket, crochet afghan, Custom Blanket, Custom Afghan, bedding, throws, yellow, white, gray, livingroom, bedroom, home accents

Materials Used:
Acrylic yarn

Shipping Cost : $15.00
Shipping Method: USPS Priority
Will Ship From: Wisconsin, Us
Will Ship Within: 3+ Weeks
Get to Know: Madebysusie4u Member Since: 03/18/2014
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