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Handmade Ladies Boots
By Stellasmagicstitches Item # 219466
Condition of item: New
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Handmade crochet ladies boots. Guaranteed comfort for your feet. Suitable for daily use in dry weather. Easy to maintain. The shoes are made in 14 days by order. Yarn: flax/cotton/bamboo. Insole - leather. Soles made of rubber. Availability: 36-40 EU

Item Keywords:
handmade, crochet, boots, lady, crochet boots, ladies boots, fashion

Materials Used:
yarn, flax, cotton, bamboo, leather, rubber

Shipping Cost : $0.00
Shipping Method: BG post
Will Ship From: Sofia, Bg Post, Bulgaria
Will Ship Within: 1-2 Weeks
Get to Know: Stellasmagicstitches Member Since: 10/31/2017
Handmade Ladies Boots
Handmade Ladi...
Stellas.. $149.00
Handmade Ladies Boots
Handmade Ladi...
Stellas.. $149.00