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Crochet Twist Turban
By Adornsnuts Item # 219478
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This twist turban is more beautiful in person. Stylish, Sexy. very exotic, Very trendy. If you don't like twist, I can remove and make tab instead. But the twist one is the "bomb" gorgeous one. Fits all. Red, Grey and Black are the most favorite color. The stars are not included. You can add big precious stone, pearl, stars broche, etc to your turban. Check my other turban, hats, etc in crochet, knitting, sewing. material: wool, acrylic. Choose your color.

Item Keywords:
yarn, crochet, turban, turband, wool, acrylic, knitting, hats, crochet hat, scarf, winter, twist headband, twist turban

Materials Used:
wool, acrylic

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