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Shelves For Sockets Et5
By Anastasiya_hopkins Item # 219512
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We present to your attention a series of lockers for sockets.

Problem solving:
1. Often the space on the wall near the outlet remains in no way involved. Thanks to our lockers, the problem of the competent allocation of free storage space is solved. In the locker itself you can put small items, and on it put flowers, photographs and other decoration items, thereby decorating the interior of your home or office.
2. It's just a convenient storage system. All your chargers will finally be collected in one place!
3. If you have small children, you are familiar with the problem of insecure open sockets. Due to the fact that the socket closes the door of the locker, the electrical connector is hidden, and your children will be safe.
4. Often, the rosettes do not look very attractive on the wall. We are used to just not paying attention to it. With the help of our lockers, you simply hide them, and the integrity of your interior will not be disturbed!

The first option is a cabinet of plywood, white, doors - under the color of the tree. Thanks to two small holes in the door, you can conveniently charge the phone (or two at once) by inserting the charging cord into the outlet, holding it in the hole, closing the locker, putting the phone on top of it.
The second option is a cabinet of black color, doors - under the color of a tree. This option is for those who do not like anything superfluous. An interesting form of the door, reminiscent of the ship's sail, is decorated with a black handle, the locker itself consists of four square compartments. Due to the fact that the door is larger than the locker itself, this makes it possible to hide the electrical outlet.
The third option is a cabinet of plywood, gray, the door - under the color of the tree. This option is for those who need, both in a closed storage system and open - so that the most necessary things are always in a prominent place and at hand.
So, I suggest unloading the desktop, use the space on the wall correctly, hide the socket and simply decorate the interior. These lockers can also be made of plastic to make the production cheaper.

1 locker: 53x16x13 cm, plywood material
2 locker: 20x20x15 cm, plywood material
3 locker: 47x33 (max height) 23.5 (min height) x13 cm, plywood materia

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locker for socket

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