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Michigan Quartz Candle Holder
By Nola9942000 Item # 219572
Condition of item: New
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Each Piece of Quartz was hand picked by me and made with love . They are left in their natural state and then sprayed with a gloss to bring out the beauty of the stones. These holders look lovely in any light but my favorite is when you add the candle and see the soft glow of the natural quartz light up . Just Beautiful. <3

Item Keywords:
Lake , Michigan , quartz , Stones, Grout , candle holder, soft glow

Materials Used:
Glass , Quartz , Grout

Shipping Cost : $13.50
Shipping Method: USPS
Will Ship From: Mi, Us
Will Ship Within: 24 hours
Get to Know: Nola9942000 Member Since: 11/13/2017
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