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Skullcap. Kufi
By Ibtisama Item # 239646
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Skullcap. Kufi. Muslim hat. and crocheted one. ? it made from 100 % high quality natural cotton. Your head feels perfectly fine so this hat is so good for hot summer. ?? You can wear everyday and everywhere, especially when you are going to the mosque. Very good for year-round wear. ?? Usually I crochet it white or black colour, but if you want I can do it any colour you like. Just write me ? To keep you cap looking and fitting such as it arrives you please follow the washing instructions ?? ? hand wash in cold water ? squeeze excess of water by rolling it up then dry towel ? don't wring it out!!! ? lay it flat or another dry towel or sweater rack to air dry This hat is made to order.? And it will be shipped you approximately 2-4 days from date of your order.

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Shipping Cost : $4.00
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Will Ship From: Nab Chelny, Tatarstan, Russian Federation
Will Ship Within: 1-2 Weeks
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