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Handmade Pewter Chess Sets Knight Crusad
By Handmadechesssets Item # 249801
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Pewter Handmade Chess Set Templars - hand painted, inspired by the period of Templar expeditions to the Holy Land during the 10th-11th centuries. It is characterized by figures with a templars motif. The pewter pieces have an amazing heavy feel and inspiring presence. Chess set of 32 figures, weight 5.8 Kg. Shapes sizes: King - 11,5 cm, and weight 300 gr., Pawn - 7 cm and weight 130gr. Marble chessboard size: 54 * 54 cm, h 2,5 cm. Chess cell 4,5 * 4,5 cm, weight 5 kg Wooden hand-carved chest, weight 2 kg. At his head the Templars stood Grandmaster, his representative behind him, and then the marshals and the commanders. The main members were knights. The lower societal layer consisted of neuroscience soldiers (sergeants and armourers), craftsmen, manual workers and monastic brothers (blacksmiths, armourers, chefs ...) who served a higher social stratum. Their symbols were: white cloak (white color demonstrated purity) with a red cross on the chest and a seal on which were displayed two knights on one horse. The seal of the seal symbolized Christian help to the neighbor and poverty, but also the double personality of the Templars as monks and fighters in one person. The clothing of the inferior Templars was brown or black. Can be made customuzed according buyers request, chess in your unique style. Chess is good unique and smart gift that will always be valued. Unique and personalozed chess sets. Chess from elite materials Our chess is perfect gift for men as christmas present or Birthday present. Chess is good unique and smart gift that will always be valued. Theme of chess - Antique Empire. Personalized gift for status person. Also you can find other variants of chess in my shop. Thank you for visiting my shop.

Item Keywords:
chess, chess set, handmade chess pewter, chessboard, chess figures

Materials Used:
pewter, tin, wood, marble

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Will Ship From: Banska Bystrica, Slovakia, Slovak Republic
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