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Dew Berries Mitts Knitting Pattern
By Cannymitts Item # 249830
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The design was inspired by the beautiful subtle colour change of the James C Brett Marble DK yarn used. It reminded me of warm Spring berries so I incorporated textures reminiscent of this together with a sprinkle of beads for morning dew. What could be better than a pretty fingerless mitt with the textures and colours of berries and glisten of dew drops for a chilly Spring day. Easy knit for novice to expert in three sizes. Cosy double knitting yarn and simple stitch patterns with the added luxury of a sprinkle of beaded embellishment make this a 'must have' for any knitter's accessory wardrobe! Any suitable double knitting yarn and beads could be substituted. SIZE S/M/L: 7 (8/9)” around the palm. Figures for M/L sizes are in brackets. MATERIALS REQQUIRED: DK x 50g – Yarn used is James C Brett Marble DK - MT42 3.5mm double-point needles 4.5mm double-point needles Stitch markers Stitch holders Yarn needle Suitably coloured bugle and seed beads Suitable coloured sewing thread Beading needle or fine sewing needle PDF pattern of 4 pages.

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