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Hoverboard Back To The Future Movie Prop
By Deloreandfw Item # 249866
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Hover board - This is a reproduction prop of the Mattel Hover Board from the movie Back to the Future II. This reproduction is modeled after the movie prop and is a professional image that has been printed for the board. The hover board is very close to the one used on the Back to the Future II movie. The underside of the board is very close to the movie prop - a slight color difference in color is possible, but for a cool looking back to the future prop this is one for you. Made out of wood with professional labels with protective coating and solid hardware this hover board also includes the "kick tail" on the board this will look great if used outside in the summer sun and will not have items falling or melting off. If you have a DeLorean this would make a great addition for car shows and events. Got a retro party - show up with this hover board and get all sorts of attention. This item also makes a great one of a kind gift for any fan of the Back to the Future movies. The image decal set is protected and sealed so it it ready for handling. IMPORTANT: This Hover Board does NOT hover because it was just a hollywood effect. Again this hover board actually does not hover. Please show your support.

Item Keywords:
Hoverboard, Hover board, back to the future, BTTF, delorean, 80's, 80s, BTTF2, Mattel Hover Board

Materials Used:
Wood, Paper, Glue, Paint

7" x 28" x 3"
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Will Ship Within: 24 hours
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