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Ten Commandments Wood Tablets 5.35"
By Tocha_62 Item # 249870
Condition of item: New
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Description: Item: Ten Commandments Tablets Plaque Plates Wood 5.35" Pyrographed Russian Handmade (as pictured) Condition: new Set of two plates These plates is handmade Russian symbols are labeled pyrography. Waterproofing Wood with Linseed Oil. Materials: • Beech Wood, • Linseed Oil. Dimensions (for each plate): • Height: 5.35 in / 136 mm • Width: 3.70 in / 94 mm • Thickness: 0.21 in / 5.5 mm Text color: black Background color: light brown Net Weight (two plates): 2.86 oz / 81 grams Manufactured Date: November 15, 2015 Made in Russia This item is in stock now. This Package Includes: Two Wooden Plates Packaging Details: • Mailing Plastic Bag, • Cardboard.

Item Keywords:
Ten Commandments, Tablets, Plaque, Plates, Wood Tablets, Wood Plaque, Wood Plates, Pyrographed

Materials Used:
Beech Wood, Linseed Oil

Shipping Cost : $7.99
Shipping Method: by AIR MAIL
Will Ship From: Kyshtym, Chelyabinsk Region, Russian Federation
Will Ship Within: 24 hours
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