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Willow Wood Rune Set Round Pyrographed
By Tocha_62 Item # 249884
Condition of item: New
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Description: Item: Willow Wood Rune Set Pyrographed Round Handmade Elder Futhark with Velvet Pouch (as pictured) Set of 25 Wood Runes (Elder Futhark), including the 1PCS Blank Rune of Odin Serial Number: #20 Condition: new Application: Mystic, divination Materials: • Willow Wood, • Linseed Oil. Dimensions: • Height: 0.95 in / 24.2 mm • Width: 0.89 in / 22.6 mm • Thickness: 0.33 in / 8.5 mm Color: light brown Net Weight: 1.59 oz / 45 grams Manufactured Date: March 5, 2017 These Runes is handmade. Runic symbols are labeled pyrography. Waterproofing Wood with Linseed Oil. These Runes made in Russia. These Runes is physically located in Chelyabinsk region, South Ural, Russian Federation. This Package Includes: 25PCS Willow Wood Runes with Velvet Pouch Packaging Details: • Mailing Plastic Bag, • Cardboard.

Item Keywords:
runes, wood runes, wood rune set, round, Mystic, divination, Elder Futhark, with Velvet Pouch

Materials Used:
Willow Wood, Linseed Oil

Shipping Cost : $7.99
Shipping Method: by AIR MAIL
Will Ship From: Kyshtym, Chelyabinsk Region, Russian Federation
Will Ship Within: 24 hours
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