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Dragon Glass Pendant Set
By Dragonglassjewelry Item # 249896
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Dragon Glass, earring pendant set, womans necklaces, dangle earrings, handmade wearable art, unique jewelry, gift ideas for her, *•.¸(*•.¸?¸.•*´)¸.•*´ ?«´¨`•°Dragon Glass Earring Pendant Set°•´¨`»? .¸.•*(¸.•*´?`*•.¸)`*•. Dragon glass was created many years ago when dragons roamed the earth! Created when a Dragon claimed his cave and blew a blast of hot air turning the sand and stone to a smokey grey glass! Now, it is gathered and made into unique jewelry, a great gift idea for her! Dragon glass is a grey glass "stone" and silver plated earring and pendant set that is as rare and special as she is. Add a little sparkle to any outfit! Sleek and elegant enough for a night out, yet casual and playful enough to wear with jeans! A great gift for any special lady! Makes a great birthday, Anniversary (especially a first "Paper" Anniversary as the insert is made of paper!) or Valentines gift! ABOUT THE DRAGON GLASS EARRING AND PENDANT SET Each piece is lovingly created by layering high light fast rated colored pencil with glitter and archival ink on a paper insert making this a statement piece of handmade wearable art that should last the test of time! (much like the lucky piece of Dragon Glass found within!) ;) These particular pieces of fantasy jewelry are 2 round 16 mm (.63 inch) dangle earrings with silver hook earring settings and a 22 mm (.87 inch) pendant with an 18 inch silver plated womans necklace, but Dragon Glass can be found and made into many other settings as well! Including 1 inch round, square shaped, Crescent Moon, heart and even beautiful delicate dangling earrings seen here. No two pieces are the same even though they may be in the same color family. Pieces are made in very small batches of no more than 10 at a time making each piece completely one of a kind and never to be replicated exactly the same way again. (therefor the piece you receive may be uniquely different then that of the image but still very similar as it will include the exact same elements and colors) Making each piece as Unique and Rare as the person wearing it! Please treat this handmade wearable art with care, although it is water repellent I would suggest you still be aware of mishandling (the cabochon is glass and can be broken) Please indicate upon ordering if this is a gift and enclose the message you wish sent with it! If this is a gift that is going directly to the recipient please make sure that all the shipping info has been updated to reflect that, it will be appropriately gift wrapped just for them! I certainly hope you enjoy your new work of wearable art! It has been created with a ton of love and passion! Much Love and blessings for all <3 <3 <3 - Tammara

Item Keywords:
Dragon Glass, earring pendant set, womans necklaces, dangle earrings, handmade wearable art, unique jewelry, gift ideas for her,

Materials Used:
coloured pencil, paper, glass, archival ink, glitter, glitter gel pen, metallic gel pen, glass glaze, silver bezel, silver plated snake chain, hook earrings,

.75" x .75" x
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