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200 Pcs Wooden Dowels Pins M8 X 30mm
By Rasial Item # 249902
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Wooden dowel, made of wood of birch, ribbed surface, beveled edges, the length of 1 1/4 "(30 mm) diameter 5/16" (8mm) PURPOSE: Used as connecting elements in the assembly of wood products. Allows you to get the exact connection, no distortion and displacement. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: (L x D) 30 x 8 mm / 1 1/4”x5/16” (1.18 "x 0.32") Ribbed surface for adhesive output surplus and improve the adhesion. Beveled ends for easy introduction into the hole. MATERIAL: Made of natural wood - birch. Industrial dryers. Humidity not more than 10%. PACKING: The product is supplied in a sealed transparent plastic Ziplock bag that eliminates moisture for easy storage and accessibility. 100% Money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied. You can order any quantity. Thank you for your feedback and comments.

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Materials Used:
natural tree, birch

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