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Potion Of Love #13/ Anointing Oil/ Candl
By Merrigancrafts Item # 249928
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Potion of Love #13/ anointing oil/ candle magick/ attraction oil/ universal blend / love balancing blend/ witchcraft/ spell bottle blend Description universally blended spell oil for attracting love , soulmate, becoming more loving to animals, great anointing oil for love spell work, candle magick, crystal magick... Rose Quartz Love Spell Attraction oil Perfume potion MERRIGAN CRAFTS SPELL OILS ARE CRAFTED WITH THE HIGHEST GOOD AND LOVING LIGHT!!! BOTTLE WAS SAGED AND BLESSED BEFORE THE LOVE SPELL MAGICK WAS PERFORMED ON THIS BLEND TONIGHT.... Roll-On Bottles Glass Bottle x 0.33 fl oz (10 mL) , with roller top and black cap BOTTOM OF THE BOTTLE HAS DEAD SEA SALT IN IT FOR PURIFICATION AND PROTECTION **BASE CARRIER OILS: COCONUT OIL ( ORGANIC), SWEET ALMOND OIL ( UNSCENTED), VITAMIN E GLITTER FRAGRANCE OIL; FEMININE YET CONFIDENT & ALLURING AROMA COMBINING FLORAL NOTES OF; IRIS, JASMINE, WATER LILY, ORCHID, WHITE ROSE, WITH CLEAN FRESH TOP NOTES OF PINK GRAPEFRUIT BLOSSOMS, SEXXY BOTTOM NOTES OF SANDALWOOD, SOFT MUSK, AND TONKA BEANS... INNOCENSE OIL: UNIQUE FRAGRANCE , WONDERFUL AROMATIC BLEND STARTING WITH TOP NOTES OF : POWDERY PEONY PETALS, ROMANTIC ALYSSUM, JASMINE, AND FRESH STRAWBERRIES, BOTTOM NOTES OF: LILY OF THE VALLEY, EGYPTIAN MUSK, VANILLA BEANS... MOONLIGHT PATH OIL: FRAGRANCE BEGINS WITH TOP NOTES OF: PINK ROSE, ASIAN JASMINE, ENHANCED WITH SOFT VIOLETS, LINGERING BASE NOTES OF SWEET MUSK, UNIQUE WOODSY NOTES... MACINTOSH APPLE OIL( FRAGRANCE): Close your eyes and take a journey to harvest season in an apple orchard, where the crisp autumn air kisses your face and the smell of fresh, ripe apples fills the air like a bouquet. We’ve captured this enveloping aroma of a bushel full of fresh Macintosh apples .... Fruity and tart with just the right amount of sweetness – apple fragrance oil opens a world of possibilities for any craft lover. With aromas reminiscent of lip-puckering Granny Smith or crisp Macintosh, apple CRYSTALS OF; Citrine chips; abundance, happiness, willpower, empowerment, confidence Carnelian chips: sexuality, confidence, action, power, happiness, strength Peridot chips: manifestation, harmony in relationships, attracts prosperity, compassion, protects against negative emotions Rose quartz chips: universal love, attracts true love, passion and romance, enhances compassion, inner peace, balance, protection... --ONE SMALL CRYSTAL QUARTZ POINT FOR AMPLIFYING ENERGIES IN THE SPELL BOTTLE--- HERBS ; ALLSPICE: LUCK, HEALING COPAL RESIN: LOVE AND PURIFICATION CLOVE: REPELLING NEGATIVE INFLUENCES CHILI PEPPER: LOVE, HEX-BREAKING GINGER ROOT: LOVE, SUCCESS, POWER HIBISCUS; LOVE, LUST, DIVINATION, APHRODISIAC JUNIPER BERRIES WHOLE(3); LOVE, PROTECTION AND ATTRACTING GOOD SPIRITS LAVENDER; HEALING , HAPPINESS, HARMONY, SPIRITUALITY RED ROSE PETALS; I Love You, USED IN LOVE SPELLS, Red roses stand for love, romantic love and enduring passion, STRENGTH... WORD OF CAUTION : ALWAYS DO A ALLERGY TEST WITH ALL OILS AND FRAGRANCES **DISCLAIMER: WE ARE SOLEY NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY MISUSED PRODUCT BOUGHT FROM MERRIGAN CRAFTS*** ALWAYS KEEP AWAY FROM PETS AND CHILDREN FOR SAFETY (SO NOT INGESTED) CAN BE USED FOR CANDLE MAGICK, DAB A LIL ON YOUR CLOTHES TO ATTRACT THAT LOVE, USE IT ON YOUR QUARTZ CRYSTALS AND LOVE CRYSTALS TOO... DO NOT USE ANY IN OIL BURNER VERY FLAMEABLE!!! FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE AT MERRIGAN CRAFTS;

Item Keywords:
love spell, witchesoil, love, herbs, crystals, uniquely, handmade, fragranceoil, pagan, wiccan, spiritual

Materials Used:
red rose petals, rose quartz chips, peridot chips, cloves, cinnamon, citrine , carnelian chips, ginger root, juniper berries, cinnamon stick crushed, chili pepper, HIBISCUS, copal resin, carrier oils, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin e.allspice, MACINTOSH APPLE OIL( FRAGRANCE), MOONLIGHT PATH OIL,INNOCENSE OIL

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